Northern Ontario is my home and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

The unrivaled beauty and the generosity of all the great people make me proud to call this my home.

Northern Ontario deserves its spot on the map but has been pushed aside. The goal of the Northern Ontario Hub is to bring it back to the forefront so it can be cherished the way it should be.

From Kenora to Moosenee to Temagami to Parry Sound and all points in between.

The thundering Waves of Lake Superior and Huron, the intricate rivers and waterfalls, the endless trails and camping opportunities are what make Northern Ontario great.

A focus on Northern Ontario Tourism, events, fishing, camping and every other advantage we have to live up here. My goal is to spotlight every corner of Northern Ontario in every way I can.

People leaving these great lands to go elsewhere whether it be for work or opportunity has to end.

Follow along as I give back to the area who has given so much to all of us

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