Esker Lakes Provincial Park is located in Northern Ontario; 32 kilometers north of Kirkland Lake.

Esker Lakes campground is located in the Timiskaming District off of Highway 672 and sits on the Eastern shores of Lake Panagapka.

Esker Lakes Provincial Park – The Campground

The campground has approximately 100 sites with nearly 60 of them having electricity.

Separated into two different areas, the electrical and non-electrical have campgrounds of their own.

The campgrounds are appropriately named Sunny Point campground and Lakeside and Hilltop campground.

Esker Lakes campground features three group campsites. They are all secluded, two on Lake Lallan and one at the entrance of the park. There is plenty of room on any of these group sites to get the family together and enjoy this great park.

What to do at Esker Lakes Provincial Park

Esker Lakes is a beautiful park that features countless crystal clear lakes created by glaciers thousands of years ago. Each Lake can be canoed to and there are only short portages between them.

Lake Panagapka features two sandy swimming beaches, one right near the campsites and the other in the day use area. Many of the lakes in the Provincial Park, because they were created by glaciers, are crystal-clear. The bottom of the lakes can be seen in some areas well over 8 feet down.

Similar to many campgrounds in the North, canoeing is a great activity at Esker Lakes.

With over 15 kilometers of routes available and a launch on Panagapka, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a great day on the lakes.

There are two swimming beaches in Esker Lakes campground. They are both on Lake Panagapka.

One swimming area is right at the campground and other at the day use area.

Hiking in Esker Lakes Provincial Park

Esker Provincial Park is home to four different hiking trails

  1. Prospector’s Trail
  2. Rated easy, this Lake Panagapka hiking trail goes along the Southeast shore of the Lake. The trail is close to 1.4 kilometers long.

  3. Lonesome Bog Trail
  4. Also rated easy, the trail circles Sausage Lake. On the east end of the Lake, is a bog that can be traveled across using a bridge. The trail is close to 1.5 kilometers long.

  5. Recreation Trail
  6. Rated easy, this is a great trail for a quick walk or run through the campground. The trail is also close to 1.5 kilometers long.

  7. Trapper’s Trail
  8. Rated difficult, Trapper’s Trail has three different loops ranging between 9, 14, and 20 kilometers. Beginning on the northern end of Panagapka, the trail continues north to Thrasher Lake and is well marked. Along the trail is an older Trapper’s cabin that was inhabited by an Ojibway woman who was there until 1970.

A Final Esker Lakes Provincial Park review

This is a family friendly campground near Kirkland Lake.

The rich history of fur trading as well as Lake Panagapka make this a nature’s paradise.

With many interior lakes formed by glaciers, thousands of years ago, this park has animals crawling all over it.

Any day is great for camping here, but you especially do not want to miss the Blueberry festival in August.

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