Top 20 NHL Players from Northern Ontario – 20 – Chris Simon

Top 20 NHL Players from Northern Ontario – 20 – Chris Simon

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Chris Simon
Chris Simon while playing for the Calgary Flames

Number 20 – Chris Simon

Chris Simon was born in Wawa on January 30, 1972. Born in the dead of winter only hardened one of the toughest hockey players to ever lace up the skates.

Chris is a second round draft pick going 25th overall to the Philadelphia Flyers in the 1990 NHL entry draft. Never tying his laces up for Philadelphia; Chris was the final piece of the puzzle finalizing the controversial Eric Lindros trade from Quebec to Philadelphia in 1992.

Chris Simon – Playing Career

Never known as a goal scorer (even after a 29 goal season in 1999-2000 while playing for the Washington Capitals), Chris was an absolute force on the ice.

Playing the game with a fearless edge; Chris was was never afraid to stand up for himself or his teammates. A trait that has slowly left the league in recent years.

Chris won the Stanley Cup in the 1995-96 season and achieved a childhood dream by strapping a life-jacket on the Stanley Cup and taking it fishing.

Always with more penalty minutes than points, he seems to always find himself in the wrong spot.

With eight separate suspensions (an amount he shares with someone else on the top 20 list) totaling 65 games, Chris often allowed the passion of the game to get the best of him.

His passion was close to holding him back from achieving his dream. While playing for the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds in 1991-92, Chris was taken under the wings of then Head Coach, Ted Nolan.

Chris Simon – Life after the NHL

Chris is an avid hunter/fisher and can be found on the lakes near Wawa today.

Retiring from the NHL after the 2007-08 season, Chris played 5 years in the KHL (Russia) while ending his career with Novokuznetsk Metallurg.

Being of indigenous decent, Chris has provided many indigenous children with access to hockey schools and opportunities that many would not have had.

Chris is a true believer in giving back to the community. From showcasing the Stanley Cup or signing autographs at the Handy Store in Wawa.

Playing Hockey Against Chris Simon – A Personal Story

Of all 20 players on the list, Chris was the only player I ever went up against (or met).

In 2004-05, the NHL lockout year while many NHLers went to Europe; Chris went home to Wawa, to ice fish.

Dubreuilville hosted a 4 on 4 “Out of Breath” hockey tournament that we both played in. We had one game against each other.

A close game, that we ended up losing, Chris’s strength was on full display during the whole tournament.

He scored on us, with one hand on his stick pushing our goalie into the net while scoring. He slashed my stick out of my hands with force. I grabbed it and skated away.

He ran into a player on one of the other teams and the man (not small) had a bruise from the hip to his shoulder.

Chris made it to the finals (his team lost) but he let a slapshot go that caught the goalie in the shoulder/collar bone area. The goalie was swollen and could barely move his arm at the ending ceremony right after.

The memories of his career will be his suspensions; but this is wrong. He was a force of a player that other teams feared and a season of 29 goals.

A true patriot of Northern Ontario.

Lake Superior Therapy – The Northern Ontario Cure

Lake Superior Therapy – The Northern Ontario Cure

Northern Ontario Adventures


Your body aches from the grind of every day life. A thousand thoughts race through your mind. Stress overtakes you, you need Lake Superior Therapy.

What is Lake Superior Therapy

lake-superior-therapy-tranquilityLake Superior Therapy is the utilization of the healing powers of the largest freshwater lake in the world. The natural freshwater of Lake Superior relieves stress, soothes aching muscles, and clears your mind. The lake, the indigenous habitants of Northern Ontario name Gitchee Gumme, is believed to have healing powers for centuries. The sheer power of the Lake Superior waves has capsized ships, reshaped landscapes and provides sanctity to thousand who benefit from the lake. Your worries are nothing for this lake to overcome. It is a force within itself.

Lake Superior has claimed many lives but has given strength to countless more. The healing powers come from the sound of the crashing waves, the warm beaches or the uninterrupted views. There is a healing power that will help you escape the stress that weighs on your soul. This is Lake Superior Therapy.

Studies have shown that the soothing sounds of birds or the running of water provides relaxation for the body. Meditation and Yoga studios will have nature and water sounds playing in the background. The sound of nature provides your body with a relaxation mechanism that triggers your brain to go to that place you hear on the audio. This is why Lake Superior Therapy is so effective. Meditation and Yoga classes cost of hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars, sitting on the shores of Lake Superior is free.

The Tranquility of Lake Superior Therapy

Are you ready to go on a Northern Ontario adventure?

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Let your imagination soar.

lake-superior-therapy-waves-splashingPicture yourself standing on a rock rising 10 feet above Lake Superior. The air is silent, all you can hear is the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks below. The blue water stretches far beyond what the eyes can see. As the waves crash against the rocks, water sprays above your head. It comes from nowhere but it doesn’t scare you. You don’t blink, you get lost in the white and blue wall. As the mist from the Lake Superior waves overtakes your body, the stress begins to melt away. The stress of work, of family, of friends and of home disappears as fast as the next crash comes. This is Lake Superior Therapy.

Lake Superior has infinite healing powers. People pay thousands of dollars for Hot Stone Massages. A Hot Stone Massage is the placement of warm smooth rocks along pressure points in the back that releases tension. The warm feeling of the rocks immediately releases stress from the body. The rocks trigger points of pressure so that the tension eases, the stress melts and the frustration subsides.

Why pay hundreds or even thousands for a Hot Stone Massage when the rocky beach in Agawa Bay Campground in Lake Superior Provincial Park provides the same life easing benefits. The beach in Agawa Bay Provincial Park stretches for miles and consists of smooth rocks. Rocks that have had the powerful waters of Lake Superior crash on them for thousands of years. As the heat from the rocks releases the stress from the body, the only explanation is Lake Superior Therapy.

The Tropical Paradise of Northern Ontario

The Caribbean is known for their fine white sand beaches, for their mist from the ocean that surrounds, and for their ease of life that stress is an impossible thought. The beaches provide a stress relieving method as all cares fall by the way side. The Caribbean doesn’t compare to the tropical paradise that is Northern Ontario.

The same can be said about the beach at Pancake Bay Provincial Park.

Pancake Bay has a sand beach that stretches as far as the eye can see. Even on the clearest of days, a person with the strongest eyes must squint to have any hopes of seeing the other end. As your toes dig into the sand, your eyes close and a gentle breeze off Gitchee Gumme surrounds you. Time stops. You could be on a remote tropical island, a Caribbean paradise but you are not there, you are in Northern Ontario. You are under the spell of Lake Superior Therapy.

Are you ready for another Northern Ontario adventure?

Close your eyes as you are taken to the warm sandy because on the shores of Lake Superior. A warm breeze rises from the waters of Pancake Bay. Your feet dig into the beach further, the sand separates your toes. As your body releases tension from the warm sand, you stand up and begin to run towards the water. As you enter Lake Superior, the water splashes beside you each time your foot penetrates the water. The water is cool, Lake Superior is always cool, but it has no effect on you. You take your sixth step then jump forward, your hands joining outstretched above your head, and Lake Superior swallows you whole. You succumb to the cool waters of Lake Superior. Your body no longer aches underwater, headaches are gone, tensions relapses and your worries are no longer. The therapy solves all of life’s problems.

Stop and Enjoy the Views of Lake Superior

ontario-sleeping-giant-provincial-park-thunder-bay-lookoutFrom Sault Ste Marie to Thunder Bay and all points in between there is an amazing view to be witnessed of Lake Superior. Whether you are climbing the trail at Old Woman’s Bay or hiking in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, the views are breathtaking.

As you stand there in awe at the beauty of Lake Superior, nothing else matters. Your cell phone stays in your pocket, a symbol of today’s technological driven world takes a backseat to the primitive nature of Northern Ontario.

For thousands of years, men and women of all backgrounds have used the power of Lake Superior to overcome the demons that lie within them. The demons of stress, tension, body aches, and everything else that prevents you from being your best.

Save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars and go enjoy some Lake Superior Therapy.

Pancake Bay Provincial Park

Pancake Bay Provincial Park

Northern Ontario Provincial Parks

Pancake-bay-provincial-parkPancake Bay Provincial Park is located approximately 75 kilometres north of Sault Ste Marie and 150 kilometres south of Wawa in Northern Ontario. Pancake Bay has one of the most beautiful and large sand beaches on all of Lake Superior.

Pancake Bay Provincial Park – The Campground

The Park is 5 minutes north of Batchewana Bay Provincial Park and Batchewana first nation. Pancake Bay boasts over 200 campsites, many with electrical hookups. The Park is spread out over five different individual campgrounds. The campgrounds names are East, East-Central, West-Central, West and Hilltop which is a radio-free campground. Nearly half of the campsites have views of the water but those sites book up fast. The park has three shower facilities, flushing toilets, a store, canoe rentals and five yurts. There are also five large group campsites located at the west end of the park with a more private beach area and very little traffic. The group sites provide families and groups together on one site for campfires and story telling.

pancake-bay-provincial-park-entrancePancake Bay Provincial Park has a very long, significant history. The park was one of the last stopping areas for the Voyageurs as they made their voyage across Lake Superior to Thunder Bay and Old Fort William. Historians called it Pancake Bay because all the Voyageurs had remaining on their voyage was flour to make Pancakes. Others claim because of the beach follows the roundness of the bay out to the two points, it makes the bay look like a Pancake. Either way, the stop was extremely important during the fur trade and many artifacts have been found in the area.

What to do at Pancake Bay Provincial Park

The beach is over three kilometres long of fine sand and Pancake Bay is protected by two points that go out into Lake Superior. There are plenty of areas on the beach where park visitors can enjoy Frisbee, football or swimming in the sand bottom lake. The Day Use Area is located right at the Gatehouse and has ample picnic tables and barbeques to enjoy.

During the Salmon run in the fall, it is normal to see fishermen up to their chest in hip waders casting out into Superior. With the Leaves changing colours in the distance, it is fishing at its finest. Although there is no boat launch at the park, the Pancake River and surrounding Lakes in the park are home to Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout and Salmon. It may take a little while to locate a good lake on the nearby logging roads, the fishing is well worth it.

The Natural Heritage Education staff at Pancake Bay Provincial Park always seem to have an event going on. From nighttime walks on the shores of Lake Superior to look at constellations to catching bugs in the little creeks that run into the Lake, there is something for every age group. The August long weekend always features a fish fry with the Batchewana Fire Department.

Pancake Bay Provincial Park is a Family Friendly Campground near Sault Ste Marie

Pancake Bay campground is very family friendly. From the superior sand beach to the playground area there are plenty of things for Children to do. The Natural Heritage Education staff usually have two events a weekend for kids. The park also features two hiking trails, one that has an Edmund Fitzgerald lookout. For those with young children, the Hilltop campground is radio free and can provide ample opportunity for napping children. At nighttime, the lights from the Wind Farm can be seen across Lake Superior in an interruption of nature but still a cool sight to behold.

A short one minute drive will bring you to Agawa Indian Crafts, a combination of stores that features handmade art and carvings. The proximity to Batchewana First Nation gives many of its inhabitants to use their hands and sale to thousands of tourists a day. One wing of one of the stores has a large moccasin collection and handmade leather goods. The ice cream stand and camper’s store give families the opportunity to have a break to enjoy a treat.

Pancake Bay Provincial Park consistently ranks on top 5 lists for Ontario Provincial Parks. A magnificent beach, plenty of well treed campsites and plenty of history make this a beautiful park that should not be missed. The only downfall is that some of the sites are located relatively close to the Trans Canada highway.