Tim Horton Toronto Maple Leafs
Tim Horton Played 20 Seasons for the Maple Leafs

Number 16 – Tim Horton

Tim Horton was born in Cochrane on January 12, 1930.

Going undrafted, Tim signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs and made his NHL debut in 1949-50. He bounced between the Pittsburgh Hornets of the AHL and the Leafs before finally starting the season with the Leafs in 1952-53.

His name has become famous for other reasons in Canada as well; can’t really put my finger on it though.

Tim Horton – Playing Career

Tim Horton was one of the most durable defenseman to ever play the game. More often than not; he played entire seasons even playing 486 consecutive regular season games.

While not a high-scoring defenseman, Tim would use his impressive strength to strong-arm the other team.

The majority of his career saw him playing on the blueline for the Leafs. In October of 2016, Toronto retired his jersey as part of their century celebration.

During his career in Toronto, Horton became a household name during his 20 years on the Leafs defense core.

A four time Stanley Cup Champion, with teammate Eddie Shack, Tim also made the NHL First All-Star three times and the Second All-Star team twice.

After playing 20 years in Toronto, Tim continued on playing in New York, Pittsburgh and Buffalo. He played his last game at the age of 42.

Tim Horton – Life After the NHL

Tragically, Tim Horton’s life ended while he was still a member of the Buffalo Sabres organization.

Although, Tim laced up the skates for nearly 25 seasons, he had an entrepreneurial edge to him that began winding up as his career was winding down.

After a few failed ventures including a hamburger restaurant and an automobile dealership.

Tim partnered with Gary Joyce to open a coffee shop baring his name. The first Tim Horton’s was opened in Hamilton in 1964, 10 years before his last game.

As his career grew as did the coffee chain. By his untimely death there were over 40 Tim Horton’s franchise.

Today, Tim Horton’s can be found on seemingly every corner in Canada and many other countries around the world.

They say a man dies twice in his life; once when he leaves the earth and again when his name is uttered for the last time.

Although, Tim Horton’s coffee shop are seemingly going nowhere for a very long time, Tim, the hockey player will not be easily forgotten.

He built a name for himself as once of the strongest, most dependable players that have ever put on the Blue and White.

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